Friday, January 20, 2012

Coiled Baskets

Coiled baskets have been around for thousands of years.  My mom started sewing them last year.  She gave away baskets filled with warm homemade buns to various friends.  She sold quite a few baskets and was even commissioned by a friend to make a baker's dozen to give as gifts.  
I told her I wanted to share them here, so she let me take photos as she was sewing one. She didn't want anyone to see her dry, cracked hands.  I think she has lovely hands from all of the years and work she put into raising 6 kids.
Supplies:  fabric, cotton piping (will refer to as cord), glue stick, sewing machine, thread, scissors.   
Cut or tear your fabric across grain into 1/2" strips.  Use your glue stick to glue the end of one of your fabric strips to the end of the cord.  Begin spiral wrapping the cord with the fabric strip- making sure to slightly overlap the fabric.  Secure the end of the fabric strip with the glue stick and start with a new strip of fabric.  When you've wrapped several inches, you can begin coiling the the wrapped cord to form the bottom of the basket using a machine zig-zag stitch to hold the spiraled cords in place.  For a round basket, go in a tight circle.  For an oblong basket, do a long strip of cord and then fold the cord along one side and continue folding the cord at your desired length.
Start forming the basket sides by winding the coil slightly on top of the previous coil (vertically) and continue for as high as you'd like your basket.
Tight, tight, tight.  Wrap it tight.  Sew it tight.
It's fun to see what sorts of patterns the spiraled fabrics make when twisted around the cording and stacked in place.
 Use different patterns of fabric to create a unique pattern in the basket:
Add appliques for more detail and interest.

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  1. This would make some lovely rugs too! I've made baskets using rope and yarn (no sewing machine or fabric) but they took forever... though great relaxation.



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