Thursday, December 29, 2011

White and Blue Winter Dessert Table

The second cake for the party...
I ended up with a Blue and White theme
The cake has a surprise.
The first time I saw this cake on I am Baker, I gasped.  I held my hand to my mouth and gasped.  I had to try it. Start with 2 6" rounds (sorry, this was the third flavor of a night of baking and I was anxious and removed the cake from the pan too soon and the sides fell apart a little).
I placed a cup on top of each layer and carved a circle with an Exacto knife and then dug the insides until I had a nicely shaped dome on each layer:
With the remaining white cake batter, I mixed blue food coloring in half and green food coloring in the other half and baked 4 blue cupcakes and 4 green cupcakes.  Crumble the cupcakes and add a couple dollops of frosting.
 Once the frosting is mixed into the cake crumbs, you can begin layering the colors.  One of the 6" white cakes has a small circle in the middle that goes all the way to the bottom of the plate.  I layered green, red velvet, blue, green in one layer.  Press each color layer with wax paper.
Then, I layered the second 6" round with red velvet, green and blue.  Smear some white frosting along the white cake edge and then take the 6" round with the hole to the bottom of the plate and flip the 6" round on top of the other 6" round.
For the ribbon frosting, use a #102-104 tip and zig zag back and forth.  It helps to mark vertical lines using a toothpick so you'll have a guide to make straight vertical rows of ribbon frosting.
My frosting tip was all bent and I had million other things to do to get food ready for the party, so instead of piping pretty ribbons across the top of the cake, I left it as is and placed some blue sugar pearls (using a pair of tweezers) in a snowflake-like pattern.
 Third cake flavor for the party:  Chocolate Cupcakes, of course.
 Tops of a half a dozen cupcakes:
 The gingerbread people fit in with this color scheme:
 Snuck some Chocolate Mint Cookies into the display:
 The snowflakes were a must.
 I moved the stocking from the fireplace to add to the color.
 I really love the whole display.  It's like a month of baking all showcased.

Ready for the surprise?
Yep, they all gasped as well.

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  1. Don't you just love the excitement of cutting into a cake like this, not knowing how well it came out until the first slice?

    P.S. I am now following your blog.



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