Saturday, December 3, 2011

Snowboarder Cake

Here is a cake for a snowboarder.  The cake I had imagined isn't quite the cake I ended up with.  Sculpting a gum paste figure proved more challenging than I had expected. Here's what I started with: gum paste, tools, food coloring, toothpicks, Xacto, spaghetti...

My hands were a lovely shade of fuscia for a good 12 hours after mixing the black/grey/navy for the pants, helmet, goggles, gloves, shoes and snowboard.

I baked three 6" layers for our birthday party of 5.

Fondant for the top of the cake: half package of mini marshmallows + 2 Tablespoons of water. Heat in microwave for a minute (stopping to stir).
Pour melted marshmallows into a greased mixing bowl and add half a bag of powdered sugar.
Grease the mixing paddle and mix.
Knead the fondant on a greased surface until smooth and pliable. Add more water if too dry, more powdered sugar if too sticky.
Roll fondant with powdered sugar on the rolling surface.
I cut an 8" piece of wax paper to use as a guide for the fondant to drape over the 6" cake top and cut triangles using an Exacto for the mountains...
Before frosting the cake, I placed pieces of wax paper on the cake stand so I could slip the messy frosting smears out from under the cake.
Now the decorating ideas: I had planned to lean my snowboarder against the cake, but he was taller than the cake. I held him up on the top of the cake. Again, the scale of the figure was too big and the dude was too heavy. After much consideration, I began dismembering him. Legs off. Torso cut down.
Just like that...he fell into the snow. 

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