Monday, December 19, 2011

Red and Silver DIY Wreath

2" Wreath 50% off: $5
Ribbon: 2 spools of 50 yards for $5.97 each...we'll call it a $1 worth.
8 Picks at $1 each: $8

Wreath Bow Tutorial
Make a loop for the center of the bow and pinch the backside:
Make a larger loop and bring back to the center. Pinch both loops together:
Twist the ribbon so the pattern remains on the outside of the loop:
Keep looping to one side, pinching in the middle and twisting the ribbon before looping to the opposite side until desired fullness:
I am out of floral wire so I used plastic zip ties. Zip tie (or twist floral wire) the center and then zip tie streaming ribbon to the center:
Secure decorative ribbon to the wreath:
Add decorative picks:
10 minutes and $14
Hung on the front door:

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