Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Elf, Elfie

I found out about Elf on the Shelf before I found out there was a particular elf that came with a book.  Our elf looks a lot like Herbie from the Island of misfit toys.  The kids waited and waited for "Elfie" to show up this year.  They wrote him letters and placed them on the shelf in their room and waited and waited.  Their friends spoke of their Elfies (I guess Elfie isn't very original, but they were 3 & 4 when Elfie/Herbie first showed up and they named him).  Elfie arrive just in time for the 12 days of Christmas with a special delivery from the North Pole:  Letters from Santa...
The kids had written letters to Santa and Googled an address to the North Pole and told me all I needed to do was include a self addressed envelope and $5 each so Santa could send them a response.  Elfie delivered the letters for free and the kids lit with smiles as they read their letters last week
This may be the last year Elfie comes to stay with us.  I'll sure miss his magic.

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