Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crocheted flower hat

My great grandmother crocheted doilies. I'd watch in amazement as her hands worked quickly and precisely while a delicate snowflake looking design emerged. She'd carry on a conversation and not even have to look down at what she was doing. Just the other day, my mom gave me an envelope with a handwritten letter from my great grandmother addressed to me from 1993. Enclosed was a starched white crocheted doily. I held it in my hands and explained to my kids why it was so special. I have 3 or 4 other doilies she had made and sent to me, but I received them while she was alive. Receiving this one unexpectedly- so many years after her passing- was such a dear gift.
I don't crochet, but if I did...I'd make these hats. I picked it up at a booth next to my mom's booth of doll clothes at a local craft fair in November and stuck it on my daughter's head. "How much?" I asked. There were others, but not nearly as cute. "Fifteen," the 20something year old responded. I was expecting her to say at least $25. "Sold," I said as I handed her a twenty. Everywhere we go when she wears this hat, she receives compliments and inquiries. "I love your hat. Where did you get it?"

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  1. MAN I was really hoping you were going to say that you were making these. I want one!



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