Monday, November 7, 2011

What to do with the pumpkins after Halloween

The Halloween mantel had to be put to rest over the weekend. What to do...put the mantel back to the way it was or dress it up for the in between Halloween and Christmas season? Transition into a fall look?
I used a latex paint for the neutral base color on the pumpkins:
After the base coat tried, we painted different patterns on the pumpkins (argyle, stripes, ikat, suzani) with craft acrylic paints:
I'm sure someone might value the dog painting in this freebie frame, but I was strictly after the frame. After ditching the dogs, my daughter and I cleaned the layers and layers of dust from the crevices with Q-tips...
We transformed the gold by painting a turquoise patina over it!
Finally, we arranged the pumpkins, frame, antlers and candle sticks.
I envisioned warmer fall-like colors, then somehow turned to a much cooler palette. Maybe it was the snow falling outside.

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