Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tree Advent Calendar

The credit for this project goes to my girl. While in Target last week, she spotted these tinsel trees and thought of an idea she saw on "Martha" while staying at my sister's house during the week. She excitedly explained wrapping the tree with tinsel garland and pinning candy to the tree with sewing pins as she turned and pointed to the chocolate caramel squares on an endcap behind us.
Tree - purchased at Target ($8 each) or you can use a Styrofoam tree and wrap with tinsel garland secured with stick pins.
Assorted candies - we used a mix of Ghirardelli chocolate squares ($6 for 2 bags), Godiva Chocolate Gems ($3), leftover Halloween candy (free), and a Russel Stover chocolate marshmallow Santa (2 for $1) for day 25.
Permanent Marker
Small binder clips ($1) for metal framed tree or stick pins for Styrofoam tree.
Total for project for 2 kids: $27
First, the kids wrote numbers 1-24 on their pieces of candy.
Then they randomly secured each piece of numbered candy using the small binder clips.
The chocolate Santas were reserved for day #25, of course
In some spots, the candy could be clipped to the metal frame. In other spots (near the top), the candy just pinned to the tinsel.
We made a deal: they get to find their piece of candy each day, but if any behavior issues arise, I get their piece of candy.
I'm hoping at least one of them will act up on a Godiva or Ghirardelli caramel day.

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