Monday, October 24, 2011

How to boo your neighbor for Halloween!

Have you been booed? Want to boo your neighbors?!
Click image to print a You've Been Booed page.

Step 1: Put together a bag or basket of Halloween treats.
Step 2: Print a "You've been booed" page (above) and "We've been booed" page (below) so your neighbors will understand what to do next.
Step 3: Leave your treat bag with the two pages at your neighbor's door, ring the doorbell and RUN!
This year we decided to make sugar cookies for our boo treats. While cutting out ghosts and pumpkins, I noticed the pumpkin looked like a speech bubble when turned upside down. Our ghosts could make the announcement for us!
Click image to print a "We've Been Booed" page.
Start booing around the neighborhood a week or two before Halloween. It's fun to see how many Boos appear on houses in the neighborhood in just a matter of days! The kids look forward to it every year.

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