Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to hang frames, art, wall shelves and other wall decor

Don't you hate it when you hang a frame or shelf or art (especially one with two hooks) on the wall and you step back and the darn thing is crooked? How many more nail holes can you conceal behind the piece in attempting to get it level? Want an easy method for hanging a great gallery wall?
About 10 years ago I learned how to hang wall art without hesitation. Learning this trick to hang all sorts of wall decor was a game changer. It is so easy and fast.
I just grab two Post-It notes, some blue painters tape, a hammer, a nail, a level, and maybe a tape measure. Turn the frame over and line up the corner of a Post-It note when the nail should rest (typically the tip). The sticky side of the Post-It will stick to the frame. Now, take a piece of blue tape and tape it to the backside of the Post-It (the sticky side of the tape will be facing you).
Place the frame against the wall and position with a level. You may need to measure the space between pieces with a measuring tape, otherwise you can eyeball it. When you have found the level position, remove the level, hold the frame securely to the wall and firmly press the blue tape to the wall.
Now pull the frame from the wall and your Post-Its should remain on the wall. The Post-It corners (bottom inside corners) will show you exactly where to hammer the nails.
Hammer the nails at the two corners and then pull the nails out from the wall enough to catch the hook or bracket from your wall decor. Then you can push the wall decor tight against the wall.
Hangs straight and level every single time. No need for endless holes in the walls.
This trick is also great for lining up two pieces at the same eye level. Ditch the measuring tape and grab the level instead.

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  1. I remembered this as I was preparing to hang all new decorative items in my daughters room after a new paint job. This is genuis and saved me many holes and frustration. Thanks for sharing! We kept saying, "Carrie is a genius!"



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