Monday, October 11, 2010

Sushi at home

Now that I've made sushi rolls at home a handful of times, I may never go to another sushi restaurant. Don't feel's easier than you think!
What you'll need:
-Sushi rice
-Rice vinegar
-Nori sheets
-Crab (I use the real deal- King crab)
-Toasted sesame seeds
-Wasabi powder (or paste)
-Pickled ginger
-Bamboo rolling mat (I ordered 2/$6 on Amazon)
-Plastic wrap
-Flat bamboo spoon or similar

I prefer to prepare my sushi rice using my pressure cooker. Add 3 cups of water, 2 cups of sushi rice, set pressure cooker to high pressure for 3min. After 3min, let it naturally release for 10min and then release the remaining pressure. Gently stir rice and add about 1/4cup of rice vinegar (to your tasting). Do not over stir or you will smash the rice kernels.
The crab legs are fully cooked so you can crack and remove the meat or heat in the oven, if preferred. I place the crab legs on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil and tent the crab legs with another layer of foil to steam at 400F for approx. 20min. Crack legs and remove meat.
Thinly slice one avocado, cucumber and/or other veggies you'd like to add. Take a piece of plastic wrap and place it on top of the bamboo rolling mat (so your sticky rice doesn't stick to the mat). Place one sheet of Nori (shiny side down) on the plastic wrap. Spread rice on the Nori, leaving 1/2"-3/4" bare Nori at the top of the sheet. Sprinkle rice with a few sesame seeds.
Place your crab (I am generous with the crab), avocado, & veggies horizontal about an inch from the bottom of the Nori. Hold the filling with your fingertips as you prepare to roll the bamboo mat forward (or up and over the filling...tuck it tight). Keep moving the plastic wrap down as you continue to roll or the plastic wrap will roll up inside of the California roll. You don't want to press too hard as you roll or you'll smash the rice. The more rice you use, the bigger the roll. The tighter you roll, the better your fillings stay in the roll when it is cut into pieces. Dab a little water on your finger and run it along the 1/2"-3/4" top edge of the Nori to seal the roll (very important!). You can also run a little wasabi along the edge instead of water.
You'll need a very sharp knife to cut the roll into pieces. I've found that I have more luck with a sharp serrated knife. Cut roll in half. I've read that you should dip the knife in hot water between slices, but I haven't needed to use that step because my knives are sharp enough to cut through without the rice sticking. I usually get 4 pieces from each half and set aside the end pieces to nibble on while I'm make the rest of the rolls.
Serve on a platter with a small pile of pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce for dipping.
Prep time: 30min.
Initial cost for all ingredients/supplies if you have none of it at home: approx $50
Each additional prep: approx. $20-25
Now think how much you spend going out to have sushi for 4!

Try it! You won't be sorry. Once you've got the rolling technique down, play with the fillings and type of rolls...and then plan it for your next dinner party. Your guests will be impressed!

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